Steering the Course: IUJ Research & Education PLATFORM (IUJ-REP)

IUJ Research & Education PLATFORM (IUJ-REP)

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Development of IUJ Research & Education PLATFORM (IUJ-REP) for Solution of Global Issues

IUJ has redirected its educational program to develop and fuse the characteristics of its two graduate schools, focusing on practical and global problem solving. The IUJ-REP (IUJ Research & Education PLATFORM), associated with this effort, focuses on common issues in areas in which global cooperation, government cooperation, firms, NGOs and Japan are expected to contribute.

Each PLATFORM focuses on current problems facing global society and aims to find practical resolutions based on research and analysis in collaboration with IUJ stakeholders (IUJ Alumni, Sponsor Companies, International Organizations, Governments, Local Community, and NGOs).

Rep Overview

New Value Created at IUJ by REP and Masters Programs

To enhance and explit the synegy between research and education on global issues, IUJ has launched REP, a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that weaves PLATFORM activities into the masters' programs, creating new value for all our stakeholders.

IUJ Research & Education PLATFORM (REP) List

Community Involvement, Disaster Recovery and CSR
The innovations of ICT and their strategic use in Governance, Society, and Globalization
The impact of Mobile Technologies on Markets and Societies
New Leadership in Japan and Asia under Globalization
Corporate Restructuring and Mergers and Acquisitions
Performance Evaluation and Incentive System
Toward Value Co-Creation through New Forms of Customer Relationships
Global Strategy
Corporate Environmental Strategy and Management
Investments in Emerging Markets and Risk Management for Local Businesses
The Productivity and Efficiency Analysis: Techniques and Applications
Supply Chain Management: Marketing-Operations Interface Perspective
Migration and the Transformation of Japan into a Multicultural Society
Inequality and Poverty

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