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Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed K. Ahmed
Professor and Coordinator, English Language Program
M.A. in Linguistics and English as a Foreign Language, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1983
Ph.D. in Linguistics (concentration in Applied Linguistics), University of Delaware, 1988
(mkahmed@iuj.ac.jp / Personal Homepage / phone: x.422)
Oral Communication Skills and Academic Listening Skills
Academic English (writing)
English for Thesis Writing
Cross-Cultural Communication
Research Interests
Vygotskian sociocultural theory, cross-cultural communication, genre in academic research writing, English as a second/foreign language teacher education
Major publications
  • The appropriation of gestures of the abstracts by L2 learners (with Steven G. McCafferty). In Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Learning, ed. by James P. Lantolf. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.
  • The cognitive function of linguistic performance: Tense/aspect use by L1 and L2 speakers (with James P. Lantolf and Frederick J. DiCamilla). Language Sciences, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 153-165, 1997.
  • Speaking as cognitive regulation: A Vygotskian perspective on dialogic communication. In Vygotskian Approaches to Second Language Research, ed. by J. Lantolf and G. Appel. Norwood, NJ: Ablex Publishing Corporation, 1994.
  • Task-based syllabus design: Specific needs in curriculum. In Language Use, Language Teaching and the Curriculum, ed. by V. Bickley. Hong Kong: Institute of Language in Education, Education Department, 1990.
  • Psycholinguistic perspectives on interlanguage variation: A Vygotskyan analysis (with James P. Lantolf). In Variation in Second Language Acquisition: Psycholinguistic Issues, ed. by S. Gass, C. Madden, D. Preston, and L. Selinker. Philadelphia: Multilingual Matters, 1989.

Richard Smith Richard Smith
Professor, English Language Program
M.A. in Social and Political Science, Cambridge University, 1980
(smith@iuj.ac.jp / phone: x.513)
Text Skills
Academic English (writing)
English for Thesis Writing
Research Interests
Productive vocabulary instruction/acquisition, World Englishes
Major publications
  • The Lexical Frequency Profile: Uses and Problems. In K. Bradford-Watts, C. Ikeguchi & M. Swanson (Eds.) The Proceedings of the JALT 30th Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning, pp. 439-451, 2005.
  • Vocabulary for academic writing: hit and miss? In D. Brooks, R. Long & J. Robbins (Eds.) The Proceedings of the JALT 25th Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning, pp. 172-177, 2000.
  • Developing critical thinking skills in the East and Southeast Asian regions. Thai TESOL Bulletin, Special Edition: Selected Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Thai TESOL Convention, 9, 1, p. 35, 1996.
  • How vital is the group in low intensity language programs? The Language Teacher, 16, 2, pp. 9-16, 1992.

Anthony Crooks Anthony P. Crooks
Associate Professor, English Language Program
M.A. in TESOL, Deakin University, Australia, 1999
(crooks@iuj.ac.jp / phone: x.416)
Oral Communication Skills and Academic Listening Skills
Academic English (writing)
English for Thesis Writing
Research Interests
English teacher education, Professional Identity studies (esp. Native/Non-Native English teacher issues), World Englishes, Socio-cultural issues in English Language Teaching, Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Major publications
  • 1999, 'Taboo Blue', American Language Review, September-October, pp. 27-30.
  • 2000, 'An E-Commerce Web Page Project', The Language Teacher, Vol.24, No.10, pp. 22-23.
  • 2001, 'Professional development and the JET Programme: Innovations in Sendai City', JALT Journal, Vol. 23, No.1, pp. 31-46.
  • 2002, 'Student Attitudes Toward a Dialogue Journal Project', The Study Bulletin of the Tohoku English Education Institution, Vol. 22, pp. 153-167.
  • 2002, 'Dialogue Journals in Japanese Universities: Practicalities, Pitfalls, Pleasures', Miyagi University of Education Foreign Languages Studies Essay Collection, Vol. 2, pp. 51-60.
  • 2003, 'Ministering through English: Spreading the Faith with EFL', Miyagi University of Education Foreign Languages Studies Essay Collection, Vol. 3, pp. 31-44.

Anthony Crooks Michael Mondejar
Assistant Professor, English Language Program
M. A. in TESOL, Teachers College Columbia University, 2012
(mjm2229@iuj.ac.jp / phone: x.412)
Academic English
English for Thesis Writing
Oral Communication Skills and Academic Listening Skill
Research Interests
Computer-assisted language learning (CALL), cooperative learning, foreign language policy, second language assessment, second language immersion
Major publications
  • 2012. Effective implementation of foreign language education reform in Japan: What more can be done? In N. Sonda & A. Stewart (Eds.), JALT2011 Conference Proceedings. Tokyo: JALT.
  • 2012. Application of Foreign Language Course of Study revisions in primary and secondary schools in Japan. Research Bulletin of Meisei University / Humanities, 48, 97-112.
  • 2011. Heritage language acquisition: Definitions, theories, and pedagogies. (Unpublished Master dissertation). Teachers College Columbia University, Tokyo.
  • 2011. Implementing language policy in Japan: Realities and recommendations. PeerSpectives, 7(3), 19-29.

Shizuko Kimura Shizuko Kimura(木村 静子)
Professor, Japanese Language Program
MEd. in Education in Second Language, McGill University, Canada
(kimura@iuj.ac.jp / phone: x.505)
Elementary track
Research Interests
Second language acquisition
Japanese syntax
Major publications
  • 2012年「日本語学習者は実際に能力が上がっているのか-Can-do-statementsによる調査-」 Working papers on Language Acquisition and Education Vol.20  国際大学語学プログラム: LP-20-1, pp1-28, on

  • 2010年「『「話しあう・語りあう・言いあう』についての一考察」 Working papers on Language Acquisition and Education Vol.18, 国際大学語学プログラム: LP-18-2, pp16-32,on

  • 2009年「医療現場における日本語が必要とされる場面-あるフィリピン人看護助手の調査を通して見えてきたもの-」 Working Papers on Language Acquisition and Education Vol. 17, 国際大学語学プログラム、pp27-pp37.

Akihiro Takeuchi Akihiro Takeuchi(竹内 明弘)
Associate Professor, Japanese Language Program
M.A. in Applied Linguistics (T.J.F.L), Monash University, Australia
(aki@iuj.ac.jp/ / phone: x.515)
Intermediate track
Research Interests
Language management theory
Language teaching program evaluation
Kanji learning strategy
Major publications
  • 宮城 徹・竹内明弘(2012)「オーストラリアの移民子弟と市民性教育―日本人移民子弟は何をどう学んできているのか―」、 『オセアニア教育研究』第18号、オセアニア教育学会

  • 「 初級学習者の言語管理上の問題をコース設計に反映する取り組み」 日本語教育方法研究会誌 vol.19 No.1 2012, Japanese Language Education Methods,

  • 「初級者が遭遇した問題と言語管理過程を解明してコース改善に反映する試み-インタビューからの示唆を生かして」 Working papers Vol.20 International University of Japan (2012),

  • 初級学生が遭遇した接触場面の問題を授業に生かす実践活動 Working papers Vol.19 International University of Japan (2011), http://www.iuj.ac.jp/language/workingpapers/pdf/LP-19-1.pdf

  • The formation of the language management by bilingual users-CONTACT SITIATIONS, PARTICIPANTS, AND INTERACTIONS, LANGUAGE MANAMGEMENT IN CONTACT SITUATIONS VOL.9, REPORT ON RESEARCH PROJECTS No.238, 2011, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Chiba University

Sayaka Kurashina Sayaka Kurashina(倉品 さやか)
Assistant Professor, Japanese Language Program
MEd. in Language and Culture Education (Japanese Pedagogy, Linguistics and Culture Studies), Hiroshima University, 2004
(kura@iuj.ac.jp/ / phone: x.425)
Advanced track
Research Interests
Japanese language teaching as a foreign language
Second language acquisition
Language transfer
Major publications
  • 『日本語単語スピードマスターBASIC 1800 タイ語・ベトナム語・インドネシア語版』 (Quick mastery of vocabulary), Jリサーチ出版, 2012.

  • 『日本語単語スピードマスターADVANCED 2800 英・中・韓 訳付き』 (Quick mastery of vocabulary), Jリサーチ出版, 2012.

  • 『にほんご単語ドリル~慣用句・四字熟語~』 (Japanese vocabulary exercises: idioms), アスク出版, 2008.

  • ”Can-do statements を用いた中級日本語学習者の自己評価-回答のばらつきに注目して-”, North-East Asian Regional Language Education Conference Working Papers 2012-3, 2012.

  • ”「一」を含む副詞節の習得-中国語母語日本語学習者の作文データに基づく調査 (Adult Chinese-speaking learners’ acquisition of quantifier clauses with kanji 一 ‘one’: An examination based on their compositions)”, Working Papers on Language Acquisition and Education 17: 39-48, International University of Japan, 2009.

Sayaka Kurashina Uchida Noriko(内田紀子)
Assistant Professor, Japanese Language Program
M.A.in Humane Studies, Ochanomizu University, 2000
(uchida@iuj.ac.jp/ / phone: )
Basic track, Advanced track
Research Interests
Janpanese language teaching as a foreign language
Teacher‘s training
Japanese language education of foreign children in Japan
Major publications
  • 2014 “Research on Development of Text Structuring Capabilities – Case of Foreign Students Who were Born and Grew up in Japan” At Intercultural Educational Society of Japan (by Hiromi Saito and others) 『日本生育外国人児童の文章構成力の発達に関する研究―出来事作文の分析を通して―』異文化間教育学会(共同発表)

  • 2011 “Support Handbook for Foreign Children –to be with children’s life course” published by Bonjinsha 『外国人児童生徒のための支援ガイドブック-子どもたちのライフコースによりそって- 』凡人社

  • 2010 “Practice Report on How to Teach Four Basic Language Skills to Foreign Children” published by Kyongi Japanese Language Educational Research NO4 P3-7 Korea 『四技能のバランスをどうつけていくか-日本で日本語を学ぶ外国人生徒を対象とした実践-』「2010京畿日本語教育研究第4号」

  • 2007 “Potentialities of Support by Exchange Students Who Cannot Understand Students’ Mother Tongue” published by SEIKA University p440-450 『母語の異なる留学生による支援の可能性-中国語母語話者による外国人生徒支援事例から-』「日本語言文化研究」精華大学出版社

  • 2005 “Potentialities of Support for Foreign Children by Guardian Volunteers at Public Junior High School” published by BONJINSHA P67-82 「公立中学校における保護者ボランティアによる支援の可能性―高校進学を可能にしたもの―」凡人社

Risa Ikeda Risa Ikeda
Assistant Professor (Specially appointed for the Human Resource Development Program for International Cooperation (HRIC) administered in conjunction with Meiji University and Rikkyo University)
MATESOL, University of Washington, 2006
(rikeda@iuj.ac.jp / phone: x.481)
English Program for International Cooperation (for Meiji University & Rikkyo University students)
Research Interests
Pronunciation, materials development, language learning and identity, global issues in language education
Major publications

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