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English Language Courses
The English Language Program (ELP) provides a variety of courses to IUJ students as part of their graduate studies in IUJ’s degree programs. The program offers first year courses to those students who need to develop their academic English skills when they join IUJ. It also provides second year courses that focus on the English language needs of the students engaged in thesis writing in their graduate studies at IUJ, as well as their professional communication needs after graduation.

In addition, ELP offers Summer Intensive Programs that cater to various groups of participants. These non-degree programs focus on developing participants’ English language skills to assist them in their graduate studies in English medium institutions or in their professional work. The Teacher Education Program offered by ELP is a customized non-degree program for junior high school and high school English teachers in Niigata and beyond.

Japanese Language Courses
Although English is the single official medium of communication at IUJ, one of the great advantages of studying at IUJ for students who are non-native speakers of Japanese is the opportunity to learn the Japanese language while studying content subjects in English. The Japanese Language Program (JLP) offers a range of courses to meet the needs of students who have different levels of Japanese language proficiency and different purposes for studying Japanese. (Our Japanese language courses are not open to the general public.)

Language Faculty
The language faculty group at IUJ consists of faculty members in the English Language Program and the Japanese Language Program.

Working Papers
Working Papers on Language Acquisition and Education

N.E.A.R. Conference
IUJ is proud to co-host the annual N.E.A.R. Language Education Conference. For schools and students on the Japan Sea coast, language learning is increasingly taking the North East Asia region into account. Niigata City is the biggest city on the Japan Sea coast, and is a natural venue for a new conference on language education with reference to the Japan Sea Rim.

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