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Welcome to the free e-magazine from the International University of Japan! "E-Campus IUJ" is published on first Monday of every month. The following is to introduce the magazine's contents and topics to you.
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"E-Campus IUJ" contains the following feature sections:

News and Topics
Find out what recently happened at IUJ. Short reports on special academic lectures, corporate presentations, student life and activities, and Alumni event reports.

Upcoming Event Information
Discover what will happen in the upcoming weeks on campus, in Tokyo and around the world. Campus activities, as well as IUJ information sessions, and more.

Campus Personalities
IUJ attracts a diverse and very interesting group of students. In this section, we introduce you to an individual on campus: their thoughts, opinions, experiences and advice to those considering IUJ for their graduate studies.

Academic Spotlight
What interesting courses have just been added to the IUJ Curriculum? Who are the exciting professors, and what are their research interests? What kind of courses can you look forward to at IUJ? This section will give you a good idea and help you plan your IUJ experience.

"After IUJ": Alumni spotlights
As diverse and rich in talent as our campus is, our alumni paint an even more amazing picture of where an IUJ education can take you. Learn about what the alumni are doing in business, academics, UN or world organizations, and a combination of all. Find out how one alum in corporate Japan is helping the people of Cambodia bring power to remote villages, or experience first hand what the IUJ alumni witness in Palestine. What is it like to manage a global company outside your own homeland? These stories and more will give you a taste of what you can do after IUJ, and the quality people you will be associated with as IUJ alumni!

Career Counselor's Column
Many MA, MBA and E-business candidates want to use their IUJ experience to launch them into new and exciting careers. Get a head start by learning from the IUJ Career Counselor about how to prepare yourself for a job hunt. This section gives you a glimpse of the services and information provided to IUJ students by the Career Counseling and Services office.

Other feature stories:
"E-Campus IUJ" also offers timely columns that our readers find of interest. During application period to our programs, we offer application form advice, for example. If an IUJ alumnus hits the news with an exciting achievement, we may ask them to write to you about how their IUJ education helped them accomplish their feat.

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