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THANKS Donations!

Keep the Opportunity Alive...
Share the IUJ Experience with the Next Generation with a donation to

The Alumni NaKayama Scholarship Fund
"ThANKS" Fund

A Fund-Raising Drive by the Alumni Association for an Alumni-Sponsored Scholarship Fund for current IUJ students who are contributing to campus life, and in memory of IU's Founding Father Dr. Sohei Nakayama (March 5, 1906 - November 19, 2005) to whom we all owe much ThANKS.

Please make a donation! Here is HOW

Background Info and early drive reports

4th ThANKS Fundraising Drive (June 2012 - )
Campaign for 2012 and our 30th Anniversary!

Sub total: 3,242,084 -- 54% of our ThANKS Fund Goal (as of March 2015)

Sub total: 1,600,000 -- 100% of our urgent Goal!!

Total in this 30th anniversary fund raising drive from alumni 3,294,500 as of July 11, 5pm
Plus Pres. Mori's matching donation* of
* Pres. Mori kindly extended his matching donation beyond the Urgent Goal giving needs, but that offer has now been closed.

Urgent Goal: 1,600,000 has been reached as of 6/18/2012.
    for living stipends for 10 students through September

ThANKS Fund Goal: 6,000,000 yen
    to continue the Alumni Sponsored scholarship for 3 more years

    (Stipend for 10 months for 2 people who contribute significantly to campus life and community relations, at 100,000/month)

Donations have been received from the following IUJers in THIS current campaign:
(see earlier below for results of previous campaigns)

IUJ Founders Club
IUJ President Masakatsu Mori for the matching gift. and a second donation December 2013

IUJ Presidential Club
Anonymous Alum

IUJ Premier Executive Club
Tomohito Shinoda IR86  and Gretchen Shinoda IR89
Charlis Yin (IR89) - new! (again!)
Ikechukwu Anyanwu (IR93)
Akihiko Seki (MBA98)
Christiane Buck (Wolf) IR98
Gopi Pradhan (MBA02)
Nick Priola, IR03
Samarth Rastogi (MBA05)
Chang-Uk An, (IDP13) and An, Yoshiko - new!
and 2 anonymous donors

IUJ Premier Club
Masataka Jo (IR85)
Takeshi Saeki (IR88)
Jesus Felipe (IR91)
Erik Newton (MBA91)
Myoe Mang Aung (IR93)
Joseph Tjong (MBA93)
John and Anna Lea Mackay (IR98)
Ned Akov (MBA99)
Yuta Kano (MBA2000)
Tawin Charnchaichujit (MBA2000)
Milly Ng (MBA2001)
Arjun Bhardwaj  (MBA01)
Carson Cheng (MBA04) - new!
Bhargav Agashe (MBA06)
Jasper Yen (MBA06)

4 Alumni and 1 Honorary Alum anonymous donors

IUJ Honors Club
Takashi Kato (IR85)
Akihiro Miyamoto (IR85)
Tsutomu Shirakawa (IR85)
Remongar Dennis (IR85)
Jun Arakawa (IR89)
Guillaume De Lapeyrier (IR90)
Mitsuharu Nakano (IM90)
Viswa Ghosh (IR92)
Xuanli Lao (IR93)
Shinichi Onishi (IM94)
Takayuki Maekawa (IM94)
Malcom Cook (IR95)
Lei Li (IM95)
Tadashi Inagaki (IM95)
Adam and Julia (Parton) Bergman  (IR97)
Julia (Parton) and Adam Bergman (IR97) - again!
Julia (Parton) and Adam Bergman (IR97) - in 2014 again! - new!
Yoshiteru Kondo (IM97)
Hiroyuki Yoshioka (IM98)
Liang Tan (IR99)
Daisuke Yamada, IM99
Takaaki Fujiki IM99
Lian Tang (IR99)
Asako Miyashita (IR99)
James Graham (IM99)
Shigeo Morishima (IM99)
Elena Blagescu (IR00)
Thanh Ha Nguyen (IR00)
Ken Takai, (IM02)
Kit Sum "Sandy" Lee (IM02)
Maximilian Gruenwald (IM03)
Nicholas Priola (IM03)
Sethy You (IR05)
Carson Cheng (IM05)
Udom Chuentongaram (IM05)
Sanpat Suwannathat (IM07)
Bryan Copeland (Ebiz07)
Ken Phongjaroenwit (IR08)
Ravsanbek Mamjonov (IR09)
13 Anonymous Alum

IUJ Club
Hiroshi Komori (IR86)
Yoshihiro Onishi (IR88)
Steve Mushero, (IM Exchange student '89)
Masayoshi Ihara (IM90)
Masumi Matsumoto (IR93)
Cary Feuer (IR04)
Debajyoti Chakraborty (IM04)
Nutthathirataa Withitwinyuchon, IR05
Udom Chuentongaram (IM05)
Vu, Trung Thanh IM08
Nguyen, Trang Thi Thu, IM08
Zulzaya Boldbaatar, IR11
Louis Consoletti (IR11)
Perdamen Sagala (IR13)
Hamidah Bohri (MBA13)
IUJ Hong Kong Alumni Chapter
and 2 Anonymous donors

Special Donations
--No Donor yet in this category for THIS campaign--

Donation Break Down for THIS Campaign: Updated July 4, 2014
Donation Level Value June 2012:
Short-Term Goal- June 22 and before and Long-Term Goal, June 23 and after
IUJ Founders Club 1,000,000 yen or more 2 (Pres Mori - twice!)
IUJ Presidential Club 500,000-999,999 yen 1
IUJ Premier Executive Club 100,000-499,999 yen 11
IUJ Premier Club 50,000-99,999 yen 19
IUJ Honors Club 10,000-49,999 yen 53 
IUJ Club Less than 10,000 yen
(not eligible for tax deduction in Japan)
Other various  

Updated June 27, 2013
Giving by Class

Please make a generous donation Today!

Here is HOW

To make your tax deductible donations please choose one of the methods below:

Credit Card donations via Secure System

Make your donation via our

Secure Credit Card Donations page - its easy and safe!

After we process your credit card donations, the Promotion's Committee will issue your tax deduction form and send it, with a receipt, to the mailing address indicated in the online donation form. This may take a few months as processing the credit card has many delays.

Bank Transfer (振込み)Pledge:

Download the Donation Pledge Form, (here for PDF version ) fill it in and fax it back to the Alumni Relations Office on campus at (81-0)25-779-1180 or electronically submit it to alumni@iuj.ac.jp We will quickly send you bank wire transfer instructions (furikomi - 振込み). Follow the instructions to fulfill your pledge. Once we verify we have received your donation, the Tokyo Office (Promotions Committee) will issue your tax deduction form.

Cash Donations

If you are on campus, feel free to stop by the Alumni Association office for a Cash Donation. A temporary receipt will be issued, followed by the official receipt and tax deduction form from the Promotion's Committee


After IUJ identifies your donation in our account, and if it is 10,000 yen or more, IUJ Promotion's Committee in the IUJ Tokyo office will send you a receipt and a copy of IUJ's certificate of tax-exemption which you can present the tax authorities. This can 6-8 weeks for credit card payments. Unfortunately, this Tax Exemption is only for those in Japan at this time!

Any questions? Please contact Gretchen Shinoda at alumni@iuj.ac.jp

If money donations are not possible, we still need your contributions. In this photo Cenk Gurol IM96 meets then-student Jami Wu IM03 for an on-campus employment interview. This alumni-student help is highly valued. If you are unable to make a donation to the Scholarship Fund, please help IUJ in the following ways:
  • Provide JOB info and opportunities - Hire a student!
  • Provide INTERNSHIP projects - Host an intern in a company or international organization
  • Help with new student recruitment through word-of-mouth advertisement and IUJ Ambassador support
  • Join the Alumni Experts program
Thank you!

Initial and Successful ThANKS Fund Campaign - Donor COMMENTS

Bingwu Xie (IM98) & Jinhui Sun (IM99) (May 2007) writing in from Tokyo
Both Jinhui (IM 99) and I (Bingwu IM98) are very happy to be able to be part of this!

Iggy and Mhu Sison (Feb. 2007) writing in from the Philippines
This is the least we can do after having benefited from an IUJ scholarship about 20 years ago. We have much to be grateful for -- an IUJ global perspective, a Japanese cultural immersion and lifelong friendships (including our own marriage made possible by IUJ!).

Lamin Drammeh 1997 MBA writing from The Gambia
"I am thrilled by this noble idea. We, the alumni of IUJ, are obliged to give back something valuable to our school"

Whitney (Smith) Jiranek 1999 MBA writing from New York City
"I loved my time at IUJ and being funded by scholarship was an incredibly generous "gift" I feel I may never know how to repay. I guess I am seeing my donation to this fund as a great contribution towards that."

Masaru Yokoi IM00 writing from Japan
"As one of Sohei's children, I would like to follow in his steps and contribute to IUJers."

Background Info and previous campaign reports

  • About the ThANKS Fund (distributed in May 2006)
  • 3rd Fund Raising campaign results:June 2008-May 2012 - Pres. Mori matching donation campaign 1.
  • ThANKS Fund: "Tamaru-sensei Revenge" campaign Results and contributors. July 2007 - April 2008. Tamaru-sensei is very grateful to those that got involved! So is the Alumni Assoc. Executive Council.
  • Original ThANKS Fund drive Results and contributors, May 2006-May 2007 - THANKS to all those that gave Comments from those who donated
  • Initial Fundraising Drive Results and contributors - May 2002 - Dec. 2005 THANKS to all those that gave

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