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Nan Fivi Isaac Ochan Isaac Tarik Parid TinTin Thuy Belle

IUJ's career office provided much motivation, invaluable advice, guidance and encouragement throughout my internship hunt process. This allowed me to take the necessary initiatives and approach the task as an exciting walk around Urasa.
Anupama Sree (India)
IRP Class of 2011

I have found living in this peaceful, picturesque Niigata valley to be conducive not only to the study of International Relations, but also to cultivating an appreciation for life’s pleasures - both large and small. I am surrounded by inspirational individuals, each with a vastly different story. Life here has provided constant opportunities for personal and intellectual growth.
Sylvia Abney (USA)
IRP Class of 2011

As a student of International Peace Studies, I consider myself as one of the lucky few who is offered the opportunity to explore and understand how and why our world happens to be the way it is today. And, in an effort to fully use this opportunity, I don’t have to go far away from campus since each continent, if not each country, of the world is already represented here at IUJ!
Yonas Tariku Metaferia (Ethiopia)
IPSP Class of 2011

I am very happy to have joined linkage program because this is a double degree program and I only need two years to complete two graduate programs in two different universities. The combination of pure and applied science gives me the ability to utilize my power in the workplace.
Didi Raafi (Indonesia)
E-Biz Class of 2010
Linkage Program
Directorate General of Taxes
MOF of Indonesia Republic

What is great about IUJ is the diversity! You can experience many new things, especially interacting with people from different cultures, by joining and contributing to the many campus events, while studying very hard. This strengthens your extensive network, which is an invaluable asset for your future career. Thank you IUJ for giving me such an opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Koremasa Higashikozono (Japan)
E-Biz Class of 2010
Ryosan Co., Ltd

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