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I believe that IUJ is really the best place to learn about the world. This is the best avenue for meeting a lot of people from many different countries, to spend time with them for 2 years, to share life experience and to learn many new things. It’s like reopening and refreshing your life and making it full of new feelings and opportunities. For example, before coming here I knew little about South Asia. Now I’m happy to have a lot of new friends from there and other parts of the world. No doubt that the two years spent here will be some of the best in my life.
Ulan Omuraliev (Kyrgyzstan)
IRP Class of 2010

IDP offered highly challenging but equally stimulating environment for me to help change my career direction away from engineering. Thanks to the excellent faculty, my very first encounter with economics courses invoked in me excitement and fascination for the field to such an extent that I ultimately decided to pursue a PhD in Sustainable Development.
Prabhat Barnawal (India)
IDP Class of 2010
Candidate for Ph.D. in
Sustainable Development
Columbia University

Even though final examinations will soon come to an end, our life-long learning will last forever. Being a student of IUJ has been an enduring investment, one that commenced before admission, was assembled during my time at IUJ, and will flourish after graduation. I have learned and grown beyond my expectations. I am forever grateful!
Oscar Mendoza (Mexico)
MBA Class of 2010

The multicultural environment and capable instructors at IUJ furnished me with a solid academic foundation and skills for my current responsibilities. I am so certain that I would not have been able to step up to my current job and future promotion prospects without the Japan-IMF scholarship I received, as well as the knowledge I gained from IUJ.
Weera Prasertnukul (Thailand)
IDP Class of 2008
Senior Examiner
Risk Management and
Information System Examination Dept
Supervision Group
Bank of Thailand

Learning about E-Business practices and interacting with multinational students at IUJ was indispensable for me in pursuing a career in management of technology (MOT), new business development innovation, and global business. I realize that IUJ has provided me with a lot of unique, useful and constructive experiences in my life and career.

I was very satisfied with the flexibility and variety of options available in choosing courses. There is a strong correlation between courses and they are well organized to focus on career objectives.

I have been able to improve my cross-cultural skills, which are required in global business, by interacting with various students from different countries in discussions and working with group members in class meetings.

Mr. Kazunori Yogo (Japan)
E-Biz Class of 2006
1st Semiconductor Business Headquarters
Ryosan Co., Ltd.

My main objective to study at IUJ was "to KNOW management;" in other words, "to earn management skills systematically" and "to gain insights on what essential problems are." In that sense, IUJ's MBA Program was truly satisfactory.

I met not only a lot of excellent friends, but also many great professors. I personally remember the words from a professor. I asked him: "What is the most important skill for a CEO?" Then he answered: "When you listen to a problem from your subordinate by telephone for 5 minutes, you can identify the fundamental problems so that you can decide what you should do." That was my important direction in my study life at IUJ.

Mr. Tomohiko Sasano (Japan)
MBA Class of 2004
Senior Coordinator
Corporate Planning Group
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

The E-business program provided me with a lot of knowledge about IT from both the technical and business points of view and it perfectly met my needs. In addition, it was quite attractive that all classes would be conducted in English because I needed further enhancement of my English ability.
Ms. Kazuyo Tejima (Japan)
E-Biz Class of 2004
Assistant Manager, IT Department
Dolce & Gabbana Japan K.K.

I came to IUJ because I intended to diversify my thinking, and then have the ability to point out current problems and recommend solutions with forceful logic. As I expected, IUJ is the best place, for I have learned a lot through brainstorming with students from all over the world.

Since business administration management encompasses a broad area, yet E-Business students only have one year, I focused on Marketing Strategy. It was because I wanted to find some hints to help my company differentiate itself by consumer oriented services. Fortunately, I discovered Operation Strategy which I did not know before coming to IUJ, but honestly it was the course in which I was most interested in during my studies at IUJ.

In the operations class, the professor invented the word "know-why." In fact, I practiced not only "know-how," but also "know-why," namely the process to make clear the reason why we should do something. Recently, while reading newspapers, I have sometimes been surprised because I am interested in an article which would have never caught my eye before studying at IUJ and learning to infer background situations. At IUJ, I became sensitive to the latest information and acquired an entrepreneurial spirit. Hereafter, my goal is to build a breakthrough business model in the near future and manage projects in which I am in charge of implementation.

Ms. Yasuyo Shimizu (Japan)
E-Biz Class of 2004
AEON Co., Ltd.

The education background I got at IUJ and my living experience in Japan has contributed tremendously in my career path. My current job requires engagement with people from various nations and working in a multi-cultural environment. I have traveled in countries such as Egypt, Norway, and most of the SADC countries and during my visits in these countries it has been easier for me to adjust and work with the nationals of that particular country due to my experience at IUJ and the diversity that it provided. The fact that IUJ has students from all around the world helps students to learn and appreciate other cultures. For a student seeking to study in a dynamic international environment that also offers tranquility, IUJ is a place to consider.
Ms. Faith Chimwemwe Kazembe (Malawi)
IDP Class of 1999
Principal Foreign Service Officer
Dept. of the International Cooperation
Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

I use my Japanese language skills everyday - primarily reading and speaking. A knowledge and ease with the history of corporate development in Japan, the comparative management styles in the US vs. Japan are basic platforms I operate from daily. I also can call upon a network of IUJ individuals from time to time which is valuable. Obviously, the content of my specific courses at IUJ helped in preparing me for this career and my IUJ degree also gave me a strong academic base from which to complete an MBA from the University of Chicago.
Mr. John Mackay (Canada)
IR Class of 1998
Taiyo Pacific Partners

In order to buck up my market value with focused and differentiated expertise, I decided to study in a program that would equip me with analytical skills needed to become an analyst or economist. In that sense, IUJ's IDP was an ideal for me. It offered systematic curriculum, practical and policy-oriented course work, classes in English, and the environment to study with classmates from more than 30 countries.
Dr. Mitsuhiko Kataoka (Japan)
IDP Class of 1997
Senior Researcher
International Cooperation Department
National Institute of Research Advancement (NIRA)

The skills we learned, working successfully with fellow students from different backgrounds and cultures, combining the best of competing business approaches and strategies, and constantly adapting and achieving precisely from the diversity of our colleagues are rare. They are essential, valuable skills in the international business world, but are also of great worth even should you never leave your native shores again. That is the unique competitive advantage that IUJ confers to all its graduates.
Mr. Robert Wilde (USA)
MBA Class of 1997
Vice President

My study in the IRP covered the political and economic relationship between Hong Kong and Guangdong province in mainland China, and also overseas Chinese business networks in Southeast Asia. The knowledge I gained contributes to my business a lot. Without a deep knowledge of Hong Kong as a gateway to China and of the paradigm shift from Hong Kong to the mainland, my business would not have gone well.
Mr. Naoki Wakai (Japan)
IR Class of 1996
Director of International Partnership
Verio Inc.
Denver Colorado, USA

I recall that the period spent here was one of the best periods of my life. MLIC is really a treasure house. Its collections are great. Apart from the required readings I also read wonderful books- from Macchiavelli's "Prince" to Gandhi's "Autobiography" and from Porter's "Competitive Advantage of Nations" to Nehru's (our first Prime Minister) "Glimpses of World History". In fact, I read Nehru's Discovery of India in my "room with a view" in the Student Dormitory 3 (SD3). So not only did I try to discover Japan and the world here but I also tried to rediscover India at IUJ!
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar (India)
IR Class of 1996
Government of India

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