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  View: IUJ Entrepreneurship Club IUJ Entrepreneurship Club
  View: Billiard Club Billiard Club
  View: IUJ Finance and Investment Club IUJ Finance and Investment Club
  View: Basket Ball Club Basket Ball Club
  View: I love to run Club I love to run Club
  View: VolleyBall Club VolleyBall Club
  View: IUJ Lean in, Women in Business Club IUJ Lean in, Women in Business Club
  View: Soccer Club Soccer Club
  View: Aikido Club Aikido Club
  View: Iaido Club Iaido Club
  View: Badminton Club Badminton Club
  View: Criket Club Criket Club
  View: Kendo Club Kendo Club
  View: Bollywood Club Bollywood Club
  View: IUJ Photography Club IUJ Photography Club
  View: Salsa dance Club Salsa dance Club
  View: Snowboard & Ski Club Snowboard & Ski Club
  View: IUJ IT Club IUJ IT Club
  View: Cooking Club Cooking Club
  View: Table Tenis Club Table Tenis Club
  View: Music Club Music Club
  View: Chess Club Chess Club
  View: Russian speaking Club Russian speaking Club
  View: Hip Hop Club Hip Hop Club
  View: Yoga Club Yoga Club

Student Organizations
  View: Graduate Student Organization Graduate Student Organization
  View: IR Council IR Council
  View: IM Council IM Council

Local Activities
  - Onsen Guide
  - Ski & Snowboard Areas
  - Restaurant Guide
  - UMEX

  - YouTube Channel

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Student Services

  - Office of Student Services (OSS)
  - Alumni Relations
  - Career Counseling and Services

Living(Health Care, Insurance, Tax and etc.)
  -Multilingual Medical Questionnaire (1)
  -Multilingual Medical Questionnaire (2)
  -Health Insurance
  -Tax: CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities for International

Train & Bus Schedules
  -Shinkansen Timetable
  -Local Train Schedules
  -Local Bus Schedules
   - Muikamachi Station - Urasa Station - Koide Hospital
   - Muikamachi Station - JUSCO
   - Muikamachi Station - Muikamachi Hospital
  -IUJ Bus Timetable
  -Shinkansen and IUJ Bus Timetable
  -Express Bus to Tokyo
  -Student Train Discount
  -The timetables for JR

Other Information
  - IUJ Prearrival/Arrival Guide
  - Using a Portable Fire Extinguisher (Video)
  - Business Hours during '14-'15 Winter Holidays

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